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Anti-Corrosion Clamps

  • Efficient Prevention of Crevice Corrosion under Pipe Clamps on Stainless Steel Pipework
  • Middle- and Long-Term Cost Savings due to Extended Service and Maintenance Intervals

Innovative Design and Materials

  • Material and design in compliance with section 7.3 (Tubing Installation) of the Norwegian offshore standard Norsok Z-010 (Revision 3, published in October 2000), API RP 552 and NACE SP 0108-2008 (section 13)
  • Clamp body made of flame-retardant PPV0 plastic material (tested and V0 classified according to UL 94) Integrated anti-corrosion elastomer strips avoid the accumulation of seawater between clamp body and pipe drainage channels aid the dispersal of seawater
  • ACT Mounting Hardware is made of Stainless Steel V4A (Material Code: W55) with enhanced corrosion resistance by practically excluding metallic and non-metallic impurities during production, processing and handling
  • Suitable for continuous exposure to temperatures from -25°C to +90°C (from -13°F to +194°F)
  • High UV stability of the clamp body material; resistant against seawater, rain and oil
  • To be used in sub-sea and top-side environments; alleviating the requirement for two different products

Independent Testing and Approval

  • Subject to stringent testing at the STAUFF in-house laboratories located in Werdohl (Germany)
  • Salt spray tests according to ASTM B117 applied in controlled laboratory environments
  • Long-term field tested on a rig in the Dutch sector of the North Sea
  • Tests results independently assessed by Centre for Corrosion Technology at Sheffield Hallam University
  • Fully detailed, independent test reports available on request

For complete product information, contact: clamps@stauffusa.com or phone 201.444.7800.