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Laser Particle Counters Provide Vital Early Detection

Fluid analysis is a crucial component of any oil management program. Early detection of potential problems can prevent costly repairs and downtime. The LasPaC II makes it possible to detect the ISO Cleanness levels of the hydraulic media.


The LasPaC II devices feature a twin laser system and eight channels for different particle sizes in order to guarantee high accuracy and repeatability. These compact units are easy to handle for mobile and inline applications for systems with pressures up to 400 bar / 5801 PSI.

The LasPaC II is available in three different versions:

LasPaC II-P: Portable Laser Particle Counter

The LasPaC II-P is a fully equipped portable laser particle counter. The LasPaC II-P (Portable) is the most complete way to measure the contamination level of your system. With the LasPaC II-P you have the ability to measure, analyze and document your results immediately without the need of any additional equipment.

The LasPaC II-P features a complete QWERTY keyboard, an integrated thermal printer, an internal rechargeable battery and a large LCD display.

LasPaC II-M: Mobile Laser Particle Counter

The LasPaC II-M (Mobile) is designed for applications where it is necessary to have a small, light and robust service unit.

The LasPaC II-M offers the same measurement opportunities (excellent accuracy, repeatability and reliability) but does not include the integrated printer, the complete QWERTY keyboard, or the large LCD display.

With a very competitive price, the LasPaC II-M is the best compromise between lower cost and brilliant accuracy/reliability.

LasPaC II-I: Inline Laser Particle Counter

The LasPaC II-I (Inline) unit is designed for hydraulic applications where continuous monitoring is essential. It is installed permanently in a hydraulic system. Please note that the LasPaC II-I needs a minimum working pressure of 2 bar / 29 PSI for reliable particle counting.

The LasPaC II-I does not have the QWERTY keyboard, the LCD display, and an internal rechargeable battery. All test results are saved in the integrated memory and can be downloaded to a PC or laptop computer with the RS-232 interface or USB adapter.

For more information, email diagtronics@stauffusa.com or call 201.444.7800.