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Care-Free Clean Oil — Continuously

The Stauff Mini Water Vac purifies your hydraulic system oil, eliminating water, gas and particulate matter. The purified oil satisfies the most stringent quality requirements.

The Stauff Mini Water Vac dehydrates and cleans most types of oils such as lubricating, hydraulic, transformer, and switch oils while it neither removes nor alters oil additives.

The water removal process is based on pure vacuum evaporation inside a vacuum chamber at a maximum temperature of +65°C / +149°F.

Solid particle removal is achieved through a field-proven Stauff Systems Micro Filter.

The Stauff Mini Vac provides

  • Efficient water, gas and particle removal
  • Longer fluid life
  • Reduced fluid waste
  • Reduced corrosion
  • Reduced failures and downtime
  • Reduced operating costs

Simple Operation

The Stauff Mini Water Vac is easy to use. Once the unit is connected and turned on, oil purification begins.

The oil temperature can be set using the integrated heater thermostat. The dehydration and filtering process is fully automatic and is controlled via the PLC.

The only intervention required is emptying the pre-condenser bowl and the wastewater container, which are equipped with float switches to prevent overflow. The system is fool-proof.

Water, Gas and Particle Removal

The Stauff Mini Water Vac removes liquid, gas, and solid particle contamination, which are corrosive and can lead to system failure.

Contaminated oil greatly increases maintenance costs and contributes to catastrophic machine breakdowns. The Stauff Mini Water Vac offers protection against malfunctions, breakdowns and total system failures.

The Stauff Mini Water Vac also protects the environment by reducing oil consumption and oil disposal.

For more information, email filtration@stauffusa.com or call 201.444.7800.