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STAUFF PPC-04-plus — The latest generation of hand-held hydraulic testers

The STAUFF PPC-04-plus features extremely robust construction and an oil-resistant rubber coating to withstand impacts, vibration, dust and moisture (protection class up to IP67) and is designed for use in particularly harsh conditions.

This compact mobile tester measures pressure, temperature, volume flow, frequencies and speed in fluid power systems.

The STAUFF PPC-04-plus is available with either two analog sensor inputs or a CAN interface (PPC-04-plus-CAN) for connecting up to three digital sensors.

Even in low light situations, measured values can still be read quickly and reliably from the multi-line, backlit LCD graphic display. Using the USB port and the included software, measurement values can be easily read and transferred to the PC, where they can be displayed, analyzed and further processed.

Stauff PPC-Pad

The Stauff PPC-Pad weighs less than 3.5 lbs. and comes in an ergonomically designed impact-resistant TPE case.

Test results are displayed on a large-format (3.5” x 4.5”) LCD screen in all standard presentation modes including manometer readings. This new display allows various processes to be accurately analyzed quickly and easily.

Up to 6 analog sensors can be connected to the PPC-Pad. This tester is not only robust and portable, it also functions with the latest digital field bus technology. The integrated CAN-Open-Bus system allows for several digital sensors to be connected with cables up to 75 feet and more. The system enables two networks to be set up, each with a maximum of eight sensors.

Previous generation portable testers generated endless columns of figures, requiring downloading to a PC to achieve a more accurate interpretation. This is not necessary with the Stauff PPC-Pad.

For data archiving, trend analysis and to facilitate further analysis, the PPC-Pad can be integrated in a network by means of a USB 2.0 or Ethernet interface.

The Stauff PPC-Pad is delivered in a rolling case that contains all the components needed for measuring as well as enough space for extras, such as sensors.

Stauff PPC-06/08-plus

The Stauff Hydraulic Testers of the PPC-06/08-plus series, are the most compact of the family and feature a digital readout LCD screen. Depending on the model, they provide the potential of connecting three (PPC-06) or four (PPC-08) analog sensors. Even older sensors of the Stauff Diagtronics product line or third-party sensors can be used with these units without any problems.

Both PPC-06 and -08 Hydraulic Testers are equipped with a large data memory and an integrated USB port, they can be used for several hours in battery operation. The included PC software allows to show the measured values as numerical values or as curve graphs on PCs or notebooks.

For more information, email diagtronics@stauffusa.com or call 201.444.7800.