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The STAUFF Hydraulic Accessories programme has been carefully designed to offer a complete range of sophisticated components suited to the demands of building hydraulic reservoirs and power units in most industrial and mobile applications.

Whether you require a solution for a most precise visual or electrical fluid level and temperature indication, a reliable tank filling and breathing product that can even absorb moisture from your hydraulic system, or equipment to connect the suction and return line of your hydraulic circuit with the reservoir: The STAUFF Hydraulic Accessories programme will provide you with the choice you need.

At STAUFF, we are aware of the ongoing development and innovation within the hydraulic industry. We continually strive to keep up with and further develop the latest technology and to bring the benefit of any such improvements directly to our customers.

By the way: We are always prepared to consider custom designed products and product modifications according to your ideas or based on STAUFF developments.

Please do not hesitate to contact STAUFF for further details.

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