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STAUFF Filtration Technology offers a complete range of filtration products and services. This will provide the system designer or user with the highest level of contamination control demanded by today’s most sophisticated applications.

STAUFF Filtration Technology Products include Pressure Filters, Return-Line Filters, Elements, Spin-On Filters, Suction Strainers and Filler Breathers for various hydraulic, lubrication and fuel oils.

STAUFF has the technical expertise to provide superior filter element designs for the STAUFF original filter housings and also for the interchange element market.

STAUFF manufactures more than 10000 different elements. Many of these are designed to fit into filter housings produced by other companies while maintaining or surpassing the original performance.

A well-stocked warehouse guarantees the possibility of short-term arrangements without their own storage. Therefore, we can react flexible for your specific needs.

The “STAUFF Contamination Control Program” comprised the diagnostic services including fluid sampling and laser particle counting products for monitoring the system contamination level. In addition STAUFF offers a range of software solutions for element interchange and filter calculation. All products are subject to the audits in reference to international standards. This ensures a consistently high standard of qualitiy.

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